change your life through astrology

Welcome! This site is to inspire and encourage you to improve your life. By eliminating negative thought patterns, habits and doubts, doors suddenly open to lead you to a better existence. From gemstones, to magical oils, to mind magic, explore the different sections of this site for good ideas and methods. Each day there is a new inspirational message, as well as the daily celestial guide, so check back often!

 Daily Forecast
  Start your day off by consulting the Daily Forecast. Ever wonder why certain days just don't click? Consult this astrological guide for activities which are compatible with the daily planetary energies. It can really be helpful! The Monthly Forecast.  Includes the themes of the month, as well as a quick note on each day.  Great for planning ahead.  Also, check out the  Daily Moon in the Signs guide.

Magical Herbal Oils
 Did you know herbs have magical properties? They do! Mystical herbal remedies have been used since ancient times by many different cultures. When herbs are used in the form of an oil, you can use it in many different ways. From anointing your pulse points, to enhancing your bath water, to heating up in a light diffuser, learn how to use magical herbal oils to attract money, love, peace and strength into your life!

  Feng Shui
  Learn about this ancient Chinese science which creates balance and harmony to living & work spaces,  so that your life force energy flows, increasing your prosperity, health and happiness.

Mind Magic
    Your thoughts really CAN change your life! Learn to take control over your life, with a better job, more money, love, happiness and peace. These simple, yet powerful methods get the results you've been wanting. And they are free! 

    We are each born with a very unique chart which helps shape our personalities. It is rare to find two charts exactly alike, even with twins. Learn a little about how the different planets affect our lives.

Candle Magic
 Learn some simple ways to bring peace, love, and money into your life by lighting candles of certain colors.

 Meditation isn't just a buzz word. It's simply relaxing your logical mind long enough for you to hear the quiet voice within you, the part of you which has ALL the answers. It's your spiritual center. By meditating regularly, your life magically begins to take on very positive changes because you are in close touch with your intuitions.

 Crystals & Gemstones
    Stones give off different vibrational rates which affect our physical, mental and emotional state. Learn which ones to use for your own special needs.

    The power of the spoken word is incredible. Check out this list of affirmations to help retrain your mind to accept all the good coming your way. Break down the obstacles you have put up yourself! It really works.

    Learn about how Tarot cards can assist you in your spiritual growth.